180 designers set out to make a unique tagger kit,
with 1 common color scheme.
The result was the LARGEST tagger collab in HISTORY!

All of your favorite designers,
All of your favorite stores are hosting this
One-of-a-kind multi-store collab!
Just look for the "Starving Artist" collab folder!

A list of stores are provided as well as a list of designers.
Be sure to check them all out to get one heck of
colorful, unique tagger MASSIVE collab.

But Hurry!!! This collab ONLY runs through the month of July at a
Low introductory rate per kit!

Check out the blog here to find your favorite store & designers!
And to get a peak at their kits!!!

Here is my portion of the collab,
available at Treasured Scraps

Click on the preview to get there!

I hope you like it
Aurien xxx